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Chief Instructor
Grand Master
T.W Shin 9th Dan

Grand Master Shin began Taekwondo training in Dong-Ah Gym Seoul(Chang Moo Kwan) with Grand Master Kim Soon Bae 9th Dan in 1963.

He has over 50 year Taekwondo experience.

Other Instructors
Angela Broadbent 5th Dan

Angela started Taekwondo training with Grand Master Shin in the early 1980s in Back Piccadilly, Manchester.

Since 2006, when she also was promoted to 5th Dan, she has specialised in Poomsae(patterns or forms), competing both nationally and internationally, and is a national Poomsae Judge.

If you would like to take part in Taekwondo training in an all female environment, come and join us at Afifah High School for Girls, 86 Clifton St, Old Trafford, M16 7PU, Fridays 5-7pm. For further details email

Gholamreza Nouri 3rd Dan

Gholamreza started Taekwondo when he was 10 years old and his passion has always been for Kyorugi(sparring). He passed his 3rd Iranian Black Belt 2005 and holds a 2nd Kukikwon Dan certificate.

He was Silver medalist in Iranian Kyorugi National Championships 2007. He was a member of Iranian National Kyorugi team from 2004 to 2007.

He has been teaching Kyorugi since 2005. He started teaching and training in Shin's Academy in 2011.

Alex Tse 3rd Dan

Alex started ITF Taekwondo(semi-contact) when he was 17 years old. After seeking to join WTF Taekwondo for serveral years, he finally met Grand Master Shin and started focusing on kyorugi(sparring) in Shin's Academy in 2006.

He promoted to 1st Dan Black belt in 2008 and started training in Poomsae (patterns or forms). He was gold medallist in male team 19+ and bronze medallist in male 19+ individual in British Open Championships.

He was a member of British National Poomsae Team between 2008-2013 and got 8th place in male team 19+ European Championships 2009.